COURTENAY, B.C. – Environmentally savvy ambassadors are taking to the streets of Courtenay this summer.

Their mission: to keep residents in the know about such things as watering rules and schedules and recycling collection schedules and sorting.

The City of Courtenay’s new ambassadors will be

Visiting households in the city to share helpful information about water conservation and recycling.

Kyle Shaw, the city’s manager of public works, says the intent of the Ambassador Program is to provide one-on-one education for residents.

“We understand people have busy lives, and may find it hard to keep up-to-date on recycling and watering regulations,” Shaw said.

“Our ambassadors will be able to provide personalized assistance to residents and answer any questions they may have.”

The ambassadors can provide water conservation tips for residents wanting to be “water wise” on their property. Residents will be given the opportunity to complete an optional questionnaire on water use to help guide the development of a water conservation plan for the city.

Find out more about water use at

Ambassadors can also answer questions and provide information on sorting curbside recycling, supporting residents in their efforts to maximize the amount of materials that can be recycled and keeping contaminants out of the blue bins.