COURTENAY, B.C- A contentious residential development near the Stotan Falls is being voted on for a second time tomorrow.

3L Developments Inc has been trying to build a residential development west of Courtenay, on land close to the falls.

In it’s current form, the development would cover 550 acres in the area, near the meeting place of the Browns and Puntledge rivers. It would consist of a commercial centre and 740 homes, with a self-contained water and sewage system.

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has consistently disagreed with the company’s plans, which lead to a 2015 court case that 3L won.

The case led to B.C’s Supreme Court ordering the CVRD to consider the development as an amendment to their plans for growth in the Valley, which came before the district’s Committee of the Whole earlier in July.

While there was a unanimous decision to proceed with an amendment process, it was decided for the amendment to follow the “standard” process, instead of the “minor” process, which would be quicker.

During tomorrow’s meeting, the question of whether or not the amendment will be minor or standard will be voted on again, due to the first successful vote not requiring a unanimous decision.

Reached for comment before the vote, 3L’s owner David Dutcyvich indicated that he hoped the CVRD went with a minor amendment process, and repeated a desire to create a park in the Stotan Falls area.

“I’m hoping that the people of the Valley have the park, and everything goes good,” said Dutcyvich.

He also stated he was waiting to see what would happen with the vote before deciding any further actions.

The CVRD committee of the whole will be discussing the matter at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow at the district offices.