COURTENAY, B.C- BC Hydro wants swimmers to use caution in popular spots along the Puntledge this month.

Starting at the end of this week, the power authourity will be starting maintenance work on the Puntledge River generating station and penstock, with the facility shut down on Friday morning and re-activating by September 20 at the end of the day.

Water flows will be re-directed down the river section holding Barber’s Hole, Stotan Falls, and Nymph Falls to maintain fish habitat flows.

As the generating station will go out of service tomorrow night, the river section holding those popular spots will see a twofold increase in water flows from six cubic metres per second to 12 cubic metres per second.

All other sections of the river, including the section below Powerhouse Road used for tubing, are not expected to see any changes.