COMOX VALLEY, B.C – While the weather might be good for putting out fires, it’s apparently not helping power.

According to an outages map from the B.C hydro website, six separate power lines are down across the Comox Valley, affecting over 630 B.C hydro customers.  

In the 3500 block of Piercy road in Courtenay, a power outage is “under investigation” affecting five customers.

In the 900 block of Sand Pines Drive, a wire has been down since 9:45 this morning causing outages for five homes.

South Gartley Road, west of the Old Island Highway, a tree is down across wires, affecting 88 customers. It was first discovered at 10:30 this morning.

Just south of Tsolum Road and east of the Inland Island Highway, another tree has been down across wires since around 9:00 a.m, 97 customers are experiencing outages.

Near Merville, a wire has been down since close to 10:00 a.m this morning south of Railway Ave, east of the Inland Island Highway, affecting 87 customers.

At Saratoga Beach, 355 customers have been affected by a fallen wire South of Kuhushan Road.  

B.C Hydro could not be contacted for comment at this time.