US-led trade tensions are continuing to put pressure on global markets.
Donald Trump threatened even more tariffs on Chinese products last week, on top of the $200 billion in tariffs already in the works. Beijing is vowing to retaliate if the US follows through.

Investors are also worried about more interest rate increases in America following a strong US jobs data report. Experts say investor dollars are being pulled from emerging markets, in favour of more stability.

Meanwhile, Apple is unveiling some new devices on Wednesday as part of its annual event. The company is expected to unveil three variations of the iPhone at different price points for a wider range of consumers. Donald Trump suggested Apple move production to the US to avoid the steep tariffs that will force the company to raise its prices.

Crude prices are back on the rise as US oil gains to 68.25 a barrel.

The Loonie continues to fall to 75.83 cents US.