As trade war rhetoric starts to quiet, investors are cautiously waiting for more. Days after Trump announced a new round of tariffs on Chinese imports, the markets are expected to be a bit more subdued after immediately shrugging it off.

In overnight trading, the Nikkei only gained about .01 per cent to close at 23,674.

Crude prices are on the rise as US stocks dwindle, pushing concern over the lack of supply. US crude is gaining to 71.21 a barrel.

The Loonie is growing to 77.44 cents US.

After a rollercoaster ride of a day, BC-based Tilray is growing once again. The cannabis company is up 10 per cent in premarket trading. Tilray scrapped close to $300 a share yesterday, sparking a brief freeze by the NASDAQ. Shares then fell and rose once again before settling at $214 at the end of the trading day. The company made headlines when it was approved to send cannabis pills across the border to be used in treatment tests in California.