HORNBY ISLAND – A Hornby Island by-election is in the works in the new year.

The by-election was triggered by the Oct. 25 resignation of Tony Law as trustee of for the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee and the Islands Trust Council.

The cause of the Laws resignation stems from allegations of a personal nature, which have recently come to light, according to Islands Trust.

The Islands Trust is currently seeking to appoint a chief elections officer to administer the election and re-establish the election process.

The Islands Trust will formally announce the date of the by-election as soon as possible.

“The procedures governing a local by-election are defined by the Local Government Act,” explained Chief Administrative Officer Russ Hotsenpiller. “There are no short cuts and due process must be followed.”

Hotsenpiller explained that the election itself must take place within 80 days of the appointment of a chief elections officer.

“Obviously, it is unusual to be conducting a by election so soon after a general local election,” he added. “We are working hard to make sure that the election takes place as soon as possible.”

Until the by-election is held, the Hornby Islands Local Trust Committee will continue to meet and perform its functions with trustee Alex Allen and a chair appointed by the Islands Trust Chair.

The name of the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee chair will be confirmed on Nov. 14.