COURTENAY, B.C. – The owner of a bulldog reportedly swept into the Medicine Bowls is remaining positive as the search continues for his missing pup.

Last Thursday, Jonny Mac was walking by the Medicine Bowls along the Browns River, when one of his three bulldogs fell into the water.

When trying to rescue his pup, Mac fell in as well, along with his two other dogs.

Mac and two of his dogs, Piper and Blue, managed to get out of the water, but his one year old brindle brown bulldog Rosie was unable to get out.

Since the incident, multiple friends and family have helped Mac search for Rosie, and a successful GoFundMe campaign was able to get Mac up into a helicopter to survey the area. Unfortunately, she has yet to be found.

On Saturday night, Mac posted an update video to social media.

“I searched high and low all day long (Saturday). My friend and I strung a net up across the lower bowls so that if she’s caught in the falls, they’ll spit her out and we’ll be able to snag her before she runs down the river,” he said.

“That being said, that’s where I believe she is, in the falls. But there’s that miracle that she could be in the woods.”

Mac said it’s “hard to imagine giving up hope”, but the search team has “exhausted all options”. Tracker dogs have been dispatched to help out, as well as people on quads and other outdoor equipment.

“Many people have died down there, at the Medicine Bowls, and that place doesn’t spit you out until it’s done with you, and I don’t believe it’s done with Rosie,” he said.

Mac noted that he’ll be in the area today (Sunday) with a thermal camera donated to him by the Comox Fire Department.

“I’m gonna go look one last time for her down in that area. After that, I’m going to wait. I’m gonna go down there every day and see if the falls spit her out,” he said.

“I know that everybody says don’t give up hope and all that stuff, but man, I’m being realistic here and I’ve watched that river for the last three days. I know what it does. I’ve chucked many logs off to see where they wash up and they snag.”

Mac said that Rosie is not a strong swimmer.

“For her to take that fall, she didn’t make it,” he said.

Mac went on to thank the public for their support and messages of positivity.

“I’m thankful for everybody out there that has been a part of this,” he said.

“I definitely didn’t think I would get this kind of support from everybody and this kind of attention, I just want to find my girl. Hopefully when the river is done with her, I’ll get her back.”