COURTENAY, B.C. – It was a different kind of discovery.

Cherry Wine Fashion employee Danika Sabiston said a few days ago, she went out for lunch at Edible Island in Courtenay.

“I walk over to Edible Island all the time for lunch and usually there’s suitcases (in the adjacent alleyway) full of pillows, so we leave them…but I went out the other day, and there was a suitcase filled with pictures, and obituaries, just a big thing of memories, so I had to bring it inside (because everything was wet),” she said.

Sabiston said she brought the suitcase inside when she returned to work, and attempted to dry it off.

“I left it and posted on Facebook on numerous sites, and said look I found this and I want to get it to it belong to,” she explained.

Sabiston said the community response happened “really fast”, and eventually, a local woman claimed the suitcase.

“I phoned her business, and I got in touch with her. She sent me to her sister-in-law. She also explained that her mother (in-law) had just passed and they were going through all these suitcases, these boxes of memories,” Sabiston explained.

“They had dropped it (the suitcase) at Too Good to be Threw (Thrift Shop), and she said they were not supposed to be there. When I got in contact with her, she came and picked it up, and it’s back where it belongs now, so that’s all that really matters,” Sabiston said.

Sabiston thanked the community for the quick response in finding the suitcase.