COURTENAY, B.C- The upper end of 5th Street is officially open to the public once more.

According to a news release from the City of Courtenay, the route is re-opened as of Friday evening.

The changed street has what are described as Courtenay’s first protected bike lanes, and new rain gardens to manage the flow or rainwater. The changes also removed some street parking spaces, and narrowed the roadway.

The temporary four-way stop at 6th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue has also been changed back to a two-way with the end of construction.

“The City of Courtenay will be monitoring traffic flow at this intersection over the coming months to determine if intersection upgrades are required at 6th and Fitzgerald in the future,” read the release.

The changes to 5th Street include shorter crosswalks and sloped curbing for wheelchairs and strollers, new tactile strips to help visually impaired pedestrians, and new lane markings and signage.

The city indicated that “finishing touches” will come over the next few weeks and the spring.

“The City of Courtenay thanks the public for their patience through construction,” read the release.

“100 percent of eligible expenses up to $3.253 million for the 5th Street Complete Street project are funded by the federal Gas Tax Fund, under the Strategic Priorities – Local Roads, Bridges, and Active Transportation.”