VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C- Drivers in the North Island should be prepared for winter weather this weekend.

That’s according to Mainroad North Island, who issued an advisory on Thursday afternoon. According to the company, there is potential for variable snow conditions on Saturday.

“Higher elevations such as Mount Washington, Gold River to Tahsis area and Tsitika Summit may see snowfall,” read the advisory.

“Motorists are advised to check for the latest road condition reports and to drive for the conditions. Winter weather can change quickly, depending on your location, and so should driving habits. Mainroad North Island Contracting will patrol the service area throughout the weather event and respond accordingly.”

The company also asked drivers to be wary of shaded areas, bridge decks, and corners, as ice and slippery road conditions could form in frosty mornings and evenings.

“If vehicle windows are frosty, the surface of the road may be as well,” read the advisory.

“Mainroad North Island Contracting crews are out on the roads patrolling 24/7, as well as applying brine and de-icing salt; however, motorists are reminded to drive to and for the conditions. Please exercise caution as weather conditions can change quickly, particularly around daybreak and sunset.”

The company’s 24-hour hotline can be reached at: 1-877-215-7122.