COMOX, B.C- An older couple in Comox has attracted police attention after a series of incidents involving dog owners in the community.

In recent weeks, the issue of off-leash dogs in Comox has been the subject of public debate after a Labrador puppy was allegedly bear-sprayed in the Northeast Woods, a popular walking area in the town.

The dog’s owner, Liz Lyle-Mattson, told the newsroom that the man and woman responsible were in their early 70’s, with British accents, and were angry about her dog being off-leash.

There are currently no designated off-leash areas in Comox.

The couple have now been identified by police after another incident on Sunday afternoon in the same area. According to Brenda Cardinal, a Comox resident, the couple confronted her while she was throwing a ball for her dog Kayla in the Highland Field area close to the woods.

Cardinal and her dog are pictured in a submitted photo.

In a post that has been spreading across local social media, Cardinal indicated that the couple were angry about her dog being off-leash, with the confrontation escalating until the older woman had a can of what appeared to be bear spray in her hand.

She told the newsroom that she left the area without incident, and saw the couple make their way towards another off-leash dog and its owners while leaving.

She also shared photographs of the pair in her post, and later made a complaint to the RCMP and the town. Police have confirmed they received a report, have identified the couple, and will be following up.

“I think it’s how they’re doing it, they’re aggressive about it,” said Cardinal.

“I get it, I’ve had dogs run at me too, but what they’re doing is a little bit different. They’re not just arbitrarily walking around and then a dog is running at them, they’re putting themselves in the way of it, but that’s just my opinion from what I saw.”

She did understand that the couple may have had a bad run-in with a dog before, but didn’t think that their actions were appropriate. She was also happy with the police response.

“It feels good, (the police response)” said Cardinal.

“Hopefully they’ll be able to talk to them and get them to understand how what they’re doing and how they’re approaching people is really upsetting, the community is getting really upset.”

She recommended that anyone encountering the couple in a similar way record the confrontation, and send it to police.

The names of the couple have not been released by the detachment, and no charges have been laid as of this publication.