VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C- Snowy conditions have returned to the backcountry in British Columbia.

With the snow has come an avalanche warning posted across most of the province, though one has not been specifically issued by the Vancouver Island Avalanche Centre.

“If things go as predicted we may begin to post bulletins as early as this coming Friday (fingers crossed that temperatures remain cool and the precipitation falls in good quantities),” read a statement from the centre.

As of the centre’s statement, which was issued on Sunday, the snow levels were still low and the majority of the mountain terrain did not have enough snow to be a concern at below the treeline or the treeline elevations.

“In the alpine especially where wind loading has magnified snow depths, one may find small pockets that have the potential to run,” read the statement.

“Be cautious if entering wind loaded zones in the alpine and or alpine like features at treeline. At this time our crews have not been out so we have extremely limited information on what layers may lurk in the early season snow pack. Be sure to spend sometime investigating what is going on in the snow if you plan on heading out to play. Remember to also be aware of early season hazards of the non avalanche related type like open creeks/holes and rocks/stumps lurking just below the thin snow.”

The centre also advised anyone planning a trip to the Mt. Washington area to remember the ski hill does not allow ski touring in the resort’s downhill area.

“There are many large machines working the hill such as snow cats, staff snowmobiles and cable winch cats that do not expect public to be ripping around and Patrol may conduct early season avalanche blasting and control work,” read the statement.

“For your safety and theirs please stay off the hill. Instead head out into Paradise Meadows and have a great time in nature. There have been a number of fundraisers to support the island avalanche bulletin already this year and our amazing Mt. Cain back country fest is still to come.”