More dead discovered in Indonesia, more expected

The death toll from an unexpected tsunami in Indonesia has reached over 280.
Over 1,000 people are injured as well and dozens are still missing after the water hit along the Sunda Strait without warning. The deadly waves were blamed on a volcano eruption. Areas hit included busy tourist destinations, but Global Affairs Canada says it is not aware of any Canadians affected.

Thousands expected to stay in the dark over Christmas

You may still be waking up in the dark on Christmas morning.
Despite restoring power to hundreds of thousands of homes, BC Hydro is still struggling to get thousands more fixed. Particularly hard-hit or difficult to reach regions will likely be without power until the weekend. The outage was caused by one of the strongest windstorms in the province in decades.

Fewer young Canadians making donations to charity

If you’re leaving money to the kids, don’t expect much to go to charity.
CBC News reports young Canadians are more likely to spend an inheritance on debt or themselves before making a donation. The report suggests Canadians over 50 make up 75 per cent of current charitable donations in the country.

GoFundMe for Trump’s wall reaches 2018 high, not likely to be used

A GoFundMe Campaign for Donald Trump’s wall is the biggest this year.
The ‘We the People Will Fund the Wall’ campaign has reached over $16 million in six days, surpassing the campaign for families of the Humboldt Broncos crash victims. However, the money will likely never reach the White House wall fund as government donations can’t be directed to specific needs.

White Christmas not expected for BC

If you’re hoping to wake up tomorrow to a fresh snowfall, you may be disappointed.
Meteorologists are forecasting a low likelihood of a white Christmas for most of Canada. In fact, BC is expected to see warmer than usual temperatures for the day, followed by a good dumping of rain on Boxing Day.