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Mainstreet Research poll suggests BC NDP has slight lead over Liberals

Story by Tommy Wang, Vista Radio

VICTORIA, B.C. – The BC NDP is gaining more support from British Columbians.

Those are the results from the latest Mainstreet Research poll.

Among the decided and leaning voters from the poll, 37% support the NDP, 34.9% support the Liberals, 14.6% are in favour of the Green party and 11.2% are in favour of the Conservatives.

Joseph Angolano with Mainstreet Research notes the NDP has taken the lead, and that wasn’t the case during the two previous polls they conducted with British Columbians.

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“The NDP’s increased support mostly comes from a dip in support for the Green party,” said Angolano.

“This is exactly what John Horgan is going to need if he wants to form a majority government in the next election. He can’t have the Green party doing well or have them do as well as the previous election.”

Angolano says the BC Liberals also saw an increase in supporters since the last poll was conducted in November.

He believes the increase is from residents who used to support the Conservatives but have since jumped ship.

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Angololano adds the gap between the NDP and Liberals remains smaller than the margin of error but the NDP has the biggest lead that they have seen in some time.

According to Mainstreet Research, their poll has a margin of error of 3.29% and it’s right 19 out of 20 times.

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