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Union Bay boil water notice not ending anytime soon

UNION BAY, B.C- Residents of Union Bay will need to keep boiling their water.

According to the latest announcement from the Union Bay Improvement District, (UBID) which serves as the area’s local government, turbidity levels have remained consistent since the boil water notice was issued in the middle of December.

The limit for issuing a boil water notice is one NTU, above the district’s past limit of three, which was changed in August.

According to Island Health, the switch to a limit of one was made across British Columbia in November of 2012, with a new turbidity tree in early 2013. Since that change, individual water systems have been working towards a limit of one NTU, which was why UBID’s limit changed in the summer.

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“The boil water notice will remain in place until turbidity levels have dropped, which is something UBID can not predict as it is related to weather patterns,” read the announcement.

“UBID has increased monitoring of the system and there have been no positive test results for total coliforms or E. coli on the distribution system. We appreciate your patience.”

Detailed questions on the district’s past turbidity practices have been sent to the improvement district by the newsroom. According to UBID trustee board chair Ted Haraldson, responses to those questions are expected in the near future.

Haraldson also indicated that the trustee board’s latest public meeting video and agenda will be released in the next few days, though he couldn’t say exactly when.

The meeting had been closed to the public over concerns of heckling, and then moved to Courtenay without notice, due to fears of disruption.

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