One suspect arrested in terrorism investigation is a youth: RCMP

New details are being released on the suspects arrested in a terrorism investigation.
The RCMP is confirming one suspect is a youth facing various charges related to terrorism and bomb delivery or placement. The second suspect is an adult who hasn’t been charged yet. According to various reports, one home raided in the arrest belongs to a Syrian Refugee family. RCMP will release more details soon.

Partial US government shutdown grounds flights at understaffed airports

The partial government shutdown in the US is now grounding flights.
Various airports including LaGuardia in New York are reportedly too understaffed to allow flights to take off. This will lead to massive delays in many flights arriving and leaving from the US.

Trump associate arrested by FBI in Russia probe

The FBI has arrested another man aligned with Donald Trump.
Roger Stone’s home was raided this morning and he was arrested on allegations he obstructed the ongoing Russia investigation by lying to the FBI. White House officials have commented on the arrest saying the charges have nothing to do with President Trump.