COURTENAY, B.C- A possible measles case in the Comox Valley is believed to be highly unlikely.

That’s according to Dr. Rachel McKenzie, who works at the 5th Street Family Practice in downtown Courtenay.

In a message to the newsroom and a statement shared to local social media, McKenzie indicated that there was a suspected measles case at the clinic this morning.

“We have been advised by the public health physician that the patient seen this morning is very, very unlikely to have had measles,” said McKenzie, in her message to the newsroom.

“In an abundance of caution, our clinic took measures at the time the patient was seen to minimize any potential risks to anyone attending within a four-hour window of the affected individual. In the unlikely event that this individual is found to have measles, affected individuals will be notified.”

McKenzie stated that the patient had come by in the morning, and more will be known when testing comes back.

“The public health physician feels that measles is very unlikely,” said McKenzie.

According to Island Health, there are no lab-confirmed cases of measles in the Valley.