Trump signs off on funding bill, says he’ll declare state of emergency for his wall

Donald Trump is preparing to declare a state of emergency, so he can get his border wall.
The US President made the declaration after agreeing to sign a bill meant to stop another government shutdown. Because he isn’t being given the over $5 billion in wall funding, he’s going to try to get the money from emergency reserves instead.

CREA says housing price tags dropped 5.5 per cent in 12 months

Housing prices in Canada are sliding.
The Canadian Real Estate Association says while sales were up, price tags were discounted in January. The average price fell 5.5 per cent over a 12-month period to $455,000.

Trudeau continues to be followed around by SNC-Lavalin scandal

Ottawa’s investment in Blackberry is getting overshadowed by the SNC-Lavalin drama.
The feds are putting millions into the Ontario-based company to allow research for self-driving vehicle technology. But reporters chose to grill Justin Trudeau about the meddling allegations and a federal committee probe into these claims.