COURTENAY, B.C- The Comox Valley RCMP took away four cars from four speeders in March.

According to a news release from the detachment, there were at least four incidents of excessive speed recorded in the Valley through March.

“Speeding is considered to be excessive when it is more than 40km/hr above the posted speed limit,” read the release.

“The fine for excessive speeding starts at $368.00, comes with three penalty points and a seven-day vehicle impound.”

The following speeds were recorded.

-Comox Valley Parkway – 133km/hr in posted 80km/hr zone

-Inland Island Highway – 160km/hr in posted 110km/hr zone

-Comox Valley Parkway – 131km/hr, street racing in posted 80km/hr zone

-Comox Valley Parkway – 149km/hr, street racing in posted 80km/hr zone

All four drivers had their vehicles seized for seven days.