In a historic decision, the Supreme Court’s overturned the ban on doctor-assisted suicide. The new ruling only applies to adults with enduring and intolerable suffering who clearly consent to end their lives. It’s a move that has many people talking, but not everyone is pleased.

Goat News spoke with Dr. Charles McVety of the Institute for Canadian Values. He says that this gives doctors a “license to kill”.

He says the saddest part of the decision is how it affects the elderly.

Lee Carter of Roberts Creek, on the Sunshine Coast, was one of the plaintiffs in the case.  Her mother chose to go to Switzerland for a legal assisted death.  She says people nervous about the implications have no cause for fear.lee-carter-and-hollis-johnson-20150206

The federal and provincial governments have a year to create a new legislation to respond to the ruling. The ban on doctor-assisted suicide will stand until then.