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19 Wing asking public to return washed-up flares

COMOX, B.C- If you see a flare on the beach, hand it in.

That’s the word from 19 Wing Comox, as warm weather draws more people onto beaches around the local area. The base has issued a reminder for residents, especially those near the waters around Texada Island, that the area is an active pyrotechnics range.

“The range is used primarily by search and rescue crews training in the safe and effective use of both high intensity parachute flares and marine smoke markers,” read the announcement from 19 Wing.

“Flares are used in military search and rescue operations and training in order to illuminate the night sky, while smoke canisters are used to aid in the rescue of people at sea. While both of these devices are designed to sink after use, occasionally, these devices may wash ashore before this happens.”

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Both the devices can be hazardous if they are mishandled. Residents should not pick up or retain the objects as souvenirs. If you find or have any objects that you believe could be an explosive or military pyrotechnic, inform the local police or the 19 Wing Operations Centre.

Arrangements will be made to dispose of the flare in a safe manner.

To report findings to 19 Wing, please call 1-866-488-0889.

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