PORT ALICE, BC – The story continues with the Village of Port Alice’s health centre.

In an announcement, Island Health said there will be a new service delivery model for the village’s health centre.

The new model will continue recent investments in the health centre, which focus on community care and moves toward implementing a sustainable model of urgent care services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Island Health has invested in mental health and substance use staffing, tripled home support hours for the community, tripled home support hours for the community, and added an adult day program service.

There will also be renovations to the health centre to make it more wheelchair accessible.

Urgent and primary care services will also remain, with residents being able to access them seven days a week.

The announcement added that Island Health has been working closely with the village’s council and the Port Alice Health Forum, and that they will begin recruitment for an additional registered nurse, which will support providing 24/7 urgent care access for the village.

A physician will be available to help provide urgent care from Sunday evening to Thursday evening. BC Ambulance Service will also continue to provide access to emergency care.

Island Health added that since recruitment for a registered nurse is still underway, they will be using nurses from other communities.

As such, there may not weekend primary and urgent care services at times. Residents who require immediate care will be transported to the Port Hardy or Port McNeill hospitals.