OYSTER RIVER, B.C -Starting Monday, May 27th the Oyster River Fire Department will be shutting down backyard burning within the Black Creek and Oyster Bay Fire Protection Local Service Area.

According to a release from The Strathcona Emergency Program, backyard burning will not be permitted, and no new burning permits will be issued in the area until the fall of 2019.

Campfires under 50 centimetres will still be allowed in the area, but Oyster River Fire Chief Bruce Green says people should still use caution.

“Even tough were still allowing campfires, if you’re going to be having a campfire we suggest that you use due diligence, make you have water nearby to put the fire out, and when you’re done ensure the fire is out,” said Green.

Green added that if you plan to have beach fires, make sure the fire is cold to to the touch before leaving.

“If you cover it with sand it could still stay warm and some child or person walking on the beach with bare feet the next day could get burnt.”

To report a burning violation you can contact the Oyster River Fire Department’s duty officer at 250-830-7155.

You can also view current fire bans and restrictions in effect for the remainder of Electoral Area D by calling the Coastal Fire Centre at 250-951-4222.