Canada’s diplomats to Venezuela can’t renew visas

Canada is calling the regime in Venezuela a dictatorship and has suspended operations in the South American country. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the government was left no choice and will be reevaluating Venezuelan diplomats to Canada. Freeland added the suspension is temporary.

Trump visits royal family in U.K. this week

U.S. president Donald Trump is in Europe. His trip will include a state visit with Queen Elizabeth the second in London, tea with Prince Charles, D-Day commemoration ceremonies and his first presidential visit to Ireland. British Prime Minister Theresa May will step down just days after Trump’s visit due to the unrelated Brexit situation.

Companies combat banked vacation days by matching employee savings

Some Canadian companies are helping staff pay for vacations. CBC says the main reason is to stop employees from banking their vacation days. Apparently, it is also a way to diversify benefits. The trend is mostly being seen in the U.S. right now but is growing in Canada.