Ottawa reapproves Trans Mountain expansion project

The federal government has approved the Trans Mountain expansion project for a second time.

It’s an important next step for the pipeline, which has been long-delayed. The project was bought by the government for $ 4.5 billion last year and will go ahead under a Crown corporation. More challenges are expected.

Organized Crime Reduction Minister says more needs to be done to address gun violence

Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair agrees that more must be done to address gun violence — but he doesn’t think much can be done before the fall election.

In the meantime, he says steps should be taken to prevent the theft, illegal diversion and smuggling of handguns. Blair emphasized the importance of secure storage of firearms to prevent them from being stolen and used by criminals.

Parliamentary Budget Officer says it’s not clear if housing strategy will help

The parliamentary budget officer says it’s not clear if the Liberals’ $40 billion housing strategy will actually improve a housing crunch for 530-thousand families.

The Liberals unveiled the 10-year strategy in late 2017 in partnership with provinces and territories to reduce the number of families who live in substandard housing or are struggling to afford the homes they do have.