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BCAA shows Sayward School’s playground design

You can now see what Sayward’s new playground will look like. 

The $100, 000 playground is funded by the BCAA Play Here, a community investment program that aims to give kids in BC better play and learning spaces. 

Children and their families shared words to describe their dream play spaces, and BCAA put it together in a picture.

“It’s exciting to reveal the Sayward School playground design, particularly knowing it will become reality when it’s built this fall,” BCAA’s Director of Community Engagement Shawn Pettipas said. 

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BCAA and play space experts will be working closely with each winning community to design the new play areas that can serve as a central hub to bring kids together, as well as the entire community. 

Sayward’s new playground aims to be challenging, imaginative, as well as inclusive and accessible. The playground includes the following details:

  • Features for children from 2-5 years and 5-12 years
  • Interconnected circuit features that will allow children to move from one element to another without having to set foot on the ground with multiple entry and exit points throughout the circuit
  • Two high slides and a double slide for younger children
  • Separate spinning features 
  • Net bridge and net climbers
  • Firefighters pole
  • A storefront panel
  • A glide ride

The new playground will replace Sayward’s 25-year old structure. The old one was made out of wood and plastic, which has cracked, warped, splintered and buckled throughout the years.  

For more information on the BCAA Play Here winners, visit this link.

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