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Glacier Kings looking for billet families

Do you have room in your place for a junior hockey player or two?

If so, the Comox Valley Glacier Kings want to hear from you.

The junior B squad is looking for billet families to house out-of-town players.

Players range in age from 16 to 20.

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Head coach Jordan Kamprath said there are younger players who will be attending high school locally.

He added that older players will be balancing full-time jobs with hockey.

Kamprath said a billet home is a place for the players to lay their heads at night, and have three square meals a day.

He noted that anything on top of that, including transportation, is the players’ responsibility.

“You do not have to supply rides to and from school, or from work, or the arena, that is on the players and teammates to figure out,” he said. “Usually we put billets (players) who need a ride, we put them with a second billet if possible that has a vehicle so they can carpool and stuff together.”

There is financial compensation for families that take in players.

“It’s not a huge money-maker,” Kamprath said. “The more billets you have, the more you can make some money if that’s the goal, because they share electricity and whatnot that way. But it’s enough to cover the cost for food and of course rent.”

Kamprath said the need is “fairly desperate.”

He said the team won’t tolerate players who cause problems off the ice.

“I have 26 to 30 kids who are trying out for my team,” Kamprath said. “If we have any problems with them off the ice, it’s fairly easy for me to just bring another player in and move in from the player that is causing issues. So players keep a pretty low profile so they don’t want to mess anything up off the ice.”

The commitment is September to Dec. 15th, when the players are off to Christmas break. In the new year, it continues to the end of March or April depending on how the season goes.

Anyone interested can call 250-334-4709.

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