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Dead heat between support for Conservatives and Liberals; A cure for common cold isn’t ready for human testing, yet

Decided voters split when it comes to Canada’s two biggest parties

October’s federal election looks like it will be a photo finish. Global News reported the latest Ipsos poll has Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Andrew Scheers Conservatives dead even at 35 per cent support of decided voters. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP party is in third with 14 per cent support.

No confirmed cyber hacks on federal election so far

So far, so good when it comes to cyberattacks on the upcoming federal election.  CTV News reported that Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault confirmed no hacks have been detected. Political parties don’t have to report any infiltrations though. Liberals and Conservatives said they are serious about the security of their databases.

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Scientists think they found a cure for the common cold

Researchers believe they have made a medical breakthrough to completely prevent the common cold. American based scientists targeted essential proteins in human cells viruses need in order to replicate. So far, tests have been 100 per cent successful on mice and human lungs. The researchers aren’t ready for human trials yet though.

Huge spike in tourists coming to Canada to give birth

Canada’s birth tourism rate is growing faster than immigration and the overall population. CTV News reported that a representative of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute said the practice went up 13 per cent in one year. Birth tourism is when non-residents come to Canada to have babies so they get automatic citizenship.

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Genetic variations might help fight infections that can’t be treated by antibiotics

A genetic mutation may help fight off antibiotic-resistant staph infections. A report from Duke University studied 34 people with MRSA bacteria, which is resistant to most antibiotics. It found that over 60 per cent of patients who cleared the infection had a genetic variation.

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