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Stroller brigade for childcare programs taking place this week

Stroller brigades are happening across the province to highlight the importance of childcare programs and educators.

One of those walks will happen in Courtenay.

The goal is to promote awareness for the need for quality, affordable, and accessible childcare for all families who want or need it.

Charlene Grey is the Courtenay coordinator and an early childhood educator here in the Comox Valley.

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She says the stroller brigades are to bring awareness that everyone is affected by the programs, not just those with young kids.

“You may not have a child or your child may have grown up out of the childcare years, but I can guarantee you that someone that you rely on, your nurse, the person who serves you at a restaurant, your mechanic, someone that you rely on daily, relies on childcare,” said Grey.

Grey also says working in the industry has helped her understand what issues are most important to families with young ones.

“I’ve got families who can’t go back to work because they’ve been on a daycare waitlist since their child was born, or they were pregnant and two years later we still don’t have a space for them. For them, economically being able to work is just not a reality. Also too when people do go back to work, childcare is pretty expensive and so it can be the second highest or the most expensive thing that they pay for monthly.”

The stroller brigade is open for anyone to attend.

It will be held at the Courtenay Airpark this Saturday starting at 10:00am.

For more information on the Courtenay Stroller Brigade, click here.

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