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Transformation carvings being moved from Frank James Park

You only have a limited time to check out wooden works of art together in one place in Willow Park.

Since late June, Transformation on the Shore carvings have been on display at Frank James Park .

But that’s soon about to change.

“West Coast (Hauling) will be moving them out to various locations over the next couple of weeks, here,” said Don Daniels, president of the Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society which put on the 23rd annual event.

Artists from as far away as Alberta created the 22 carvings from June 19th to 23rd.

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Looking ahead, Daniels said weather conditions and the trucking company’s schedule will dictate how quickly the carvings will be moved.

He compared the move to a chess game.

“They move maybe three or four a day, so it’s kind of up to the local contractor to deal with that,” he said. 

“They do have a list of sponsors of where the carvings go.”

Daniels said most of the carvings will be relocated around the city with a couple going to destinations north and south of here.

“One of the carvings will be going to the Miracle Beach Guest House and that’s the furthest south that the carvings go, and the farthest north is the Village of Sayward. Western Forest Products donated their carving through sponsorship to the walkway to the Village of Sayward, and then everything else stays in town with local sponsors.”

The society has a list of 19 sponsors that have ‘adopted’ each of the carvings.

“Sponsors get them and they put them up and then you’ll see them in town,” Daniels said.

One of them, Junior Henderson’s carving honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women, is going to the community centre. 

Daniels said this is a happy event.

“They’re all sponsored out, they’ve been up there for the public (to enjoy) since June and they’ve got a nice place. The carvings have a special place for special people in and around Campbell River.”

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