Residents of Campbell River and Quadra Island got quite the shock last night.

A large barge appears to be stuck near the two communities.

According to the Alaska Marine Lines website, it has two ships in the area; The NANA PROVIDER and the POLAR KING. From eye witness reports the Polar King is believed to be a towing boat.

The newsroom reached out to both Alaska Marine Lines and the Canadian Coast Guard regarding the large ship.

The coastguards communication advisor, Michelle Imbeau said in an emailed statement that it was first notified of the stuck ship on Saturday.

“On November 9th at around 7:55pm, the Coast Guard received a report of a barge, being towed, that was grounded on Quadra Island, north of Cape Mudge. The 6 people on board the tug that was towing the barge are safe and there were no injuries. The tug itself is intact and not damaged. The barge is carrying rail cars and containers on the deck of the barge. There is no cargo in the hull.”

 He added that the Coast Guard is overseeing the situation.

“At this time, it is unknown if there is any damage to the barge hull. It is currently being assessed. The responsible party is taking action and making plans for an assist tug to refloat the barge this afternoon during high tide. Transport Canada is overseeing the responsible party’s planned salvage actions. Coast Guard has oversight of the situation for marine pollution. At this time, there is no sign of pollution.”