The barge stuck that ran aground on Quadra Island is staying put, for now.

Transport Canada spokesperson, Natalie Huneault, said work is ongoing to attempt to refloat the Alaska Marine Lines barge at the earliest opportunity, “which is not expected to start before this weekend.”

It’s been stuck since last Saturday.

Transport Canada is overseeing plans for refloating the Nana Provider and said it’s working with the responsible party and the salvage contractor.  

“Transport Canada is ensuring that the salvage contractor is aware of the bathymetry (the measurement of underwater depth), environment and tidal currents in Discovery Passage and is taking these into account in developing their plan,” Huneault said. 

It’s also following up on the circumstances surrounding the grounding of the Nana Provider.

Efforts were made both Sunday and Monday to get the barge out of the area but they were unsuccessful because its hull was damaged.