The Campbell River Community Foundation and the RBC Foundation are launching a project which aims to connect seniors with local youth.

A $15,000 grant was given to the project by the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge to help get the initiative off the ground.

The goal is to help shift the power to young leaders, making a positive social or environmental change in their communities, while also enabling them to gain valuable skills and experience.

The Youth Engagement Coordinator for Volunteer Campbell River, Chloe Valentine says the project will help create a better connection between local youth and seniors.

“Why not bring these two groups together and enable them to use their unique skills and strengths to create a program where they can foster resiliency and develop connections, and have safe and reliable experiences,” said Valentine.

She added that they are at the highest risk for mental illness and giving them the opportunity to connect and share experiences is extremely important.

Valentine says the name “Brighter Day” is still a work in progress but the group wants to let people know that help is out there for those who need it.

“So it’s still a bit of working title but we wanted something positive. We wanted to let people know if you are suffering from mental issues or depression, isolation, loneliness there is a brighter day coming. There is help available, and there are people that really care about them.”