Some firefighters were recognized at Comox Fire Rescue’s annual awards night.

The members are acknowledged for various contributions to the fire department.

Captain Terry Dean was recognized for his twenty-five years of service to the fire department and community. Lieutenant Kelly Rusk was recognized for his twenty years of service.

Anne Thomas was named Rookie of the Year while firefighter Sacha Scott and Perry Assu were jointly awarded the Firefighter of the Year award.

Firefighter Richard Quinn received the Stewart Rennie Memorial Award which was titled, I Made a Difference. Firefighter Brent Craven received the Kevin Kimler Memorial Award for his work to go above and beyond.

Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner says he is proud of everyone who is a part of the Comox Fire Rescue.

“It takes a very special person to volunteer for anything, let alone to be a firefighter and an even better person to serve for many, many years. We are very demanding of our firefighters and expect a very high level of training and effectiveness from them. We are very, fortunately, here in Comox to have such a great group of firefighters assisting our community in so many ways.”

“Our firefighters are our most important asset. We are a successful organization because of all the great people we have within the organization,” said Schreiner