Two Youth Engagement Coordinators are looking to connect the LGBTQ2S+ community in the Comox Valley.

Jennifer Corbet and Alivia Veenstra work with The Comox Valley Youth 20/20 Can at the Wachiay Friendship Centre in Courtenay.

Corbet says they want to bring a group to the Comox Valley to help make kids feel included, loved and supported because nothing is currently in place.

“Our youth, through the group we hosted in Campbell River (said) that their friends in the Comox Valley and the people at Pride were looking for something in the area because there was nothing to support them in that age group. It’s very much needed in the Comox Valley,” said Corbet.

Starting in December, a weekly “Qummunity Connections” meet-up for young people ages 15-30 in the LGBTQ2S+ community will take place.

Corbet says the purpose of Qummunity Connections will be to provide a safe space for youth and young adults to gather for support, social activities, education, guest speakers, “Qummunity” events, workshops, and volunteer projects.

Corbet added that the group also wants to reach out to local organizations so they can help provide the kids with more opportunities, in every shape and form.

“We’re hoping to have access to different resources within the community as well, for mental health and if they wanted to volunteer on a project or get involved with any non-profit organizations we kind of want to be an avenue for that too.”

“We really want it to be an important focus for the youth that fit into this community but also for allies in the community as well to be part of what we want to grow here,” said Corbet.

Alivia Veenstra, the other Youth Engagement Coordinator involved with the project says they want to make an impact on these kids now and into the future.

“We’re just thinking how needed this is and we’re hopeful that this will find a home here in the valley. It could grow, especially with the age group that were working at. They are at early stages in their life and we’re building relationships, support and enthusiasm for things they care about in a way that will move forward with them through their lives.”

The first meeting for the group will be an open house celebration on December 3rd at the Wachiay Friendship Centre.

More information can be found on the Comox Valley Youth 20/20 Can’s Facebook page.