Courtenay is among the top 100 most dangerous cities in Canada.

This is according to the annual list released by Macleans Magazine.

In the “all-crime” category, the city ranked 57th out of 237 communities across the country.

Courtenay ‘all-crime’ rating according to statistics compiled by Macleans Magazine. (Supplied by Macleans Magazine)

It also slotted in at 84th in violent crime, and 31st in drug crime.

Courtenay ranked 71st in cannabis trafficking and 89th in cocaine trafficking.

The city jumped to 36th in the impaired driving category.

The city has a Crime Severity Index of 96.  The CSI is a Statistics Canada figure that takes into account all crime that is reported to the police.

That’s a jump from the city’s CSI of just over 84 in 2013.

Maclean’s report this year is based on 2018 numbers, which are the most current available. The numbers show that Powell River’s crime rate is higher than Canada’s average by about six CSI points.

Comox ranked way down the list at 194th in all crime, 205th in violent crime, and 226th in drug crime. 

Thompson, Man., topped the list in violent crime, and was second behind North Battlefield, Sask., in overall crime.