Eyewitnesses say a convicted child sex offender has been seen in the Campbell River area.

A post from several people on Facebook showed what is believed to be Edward Gary Bolderson’s white van parked at the Spit yesterday.

The photos show two RCMP SUVs on either side of the van. Constable Maury Tyre confirmed officers responded to “a suspicious circumstance on Spit Road yesterday, which was investigated.”

However, police would not confirm for certain whether or not Bolderson was there.

Tyre added that while police are not directly responsible for supervising offenders, they do respond to calls from residents.

“We answer any report and call for service or concern from the general public. We also conduct investigations into whether these individuals breach their conditions. The individuals convicted of crimes are supervised by their probation officers though,” said Tyre.

Bolderson plead guilty to two counts of touching a child for a sexual purpose last year and was sentenced to 18 months.

He’s been released from prison and is prohibited to be within 100 metres of his victims’ homes for the next five years, having any contact with people younger than 16, and visiting a public park or any place that children are likely to be present.

Bolderson was also required to register as a sex offender.