A group of Grade 9 and 10 Highland Secondary students have worked with the Town of Comox to bring back a familiar carolling display.

The town says it’s a traditional hand-painted carolling scene that was discontinued at least five years ago.

The plan to rebuild and repaint was taken on by Charlotte Hood-Tanner, a Highland Secondary Art Teacher.

She worked closely with the town to figure out what could be done about the old display.

The students handpainted the figures and added a bit of twist, giving the carolers different ethnicities and even adding a rainbow scarf to show support to the LGBTQ+ community.

Mayor Russ Arnott says it’s great to see the kids embrace the project and put their signature on it.

“The Christmas carolers were a tradition in Comox, and very much missed by the community. I am so happy to see the Highland art class students and teachers take the initiative to bring back such a cherished display, and make it even better than the original,” said Arnott.

The Town of Comox says the new and improved display, located along Comox Avenue near Glacier View Drive, will be up until mid-January.