The city wants to hear your input on The Cornerstone Taphouse wanting to stay open longer.

The restaurant wants to extend its hours from midnight to 1:00am seven days a week and host events where guests can move about freely and dance.

At council yesterday night the city approved a recommendation from staff to receive feedback from the public before moving forward.

All members of council were on board with the request by Cornerstone and Councillor McCollum said she couldn’t see any issues with allowing the restaurant to stay open after 12:00am.

“There’s no residents nearby that would be affected by the extended hours and from what I understand we’re simply allowing a restaurant to not have to tell their patrons not to dance, is what it sounds like.”

You will be able to give your opinion until December 16th and can do so by sending a letter to the city’s planning department or by emailing

Council will consider the application by Cornerstone at a future meeting.