School District 71 says late Wednesday afternoon, the RCMP and Comox Valley Schools responded to concerns raised by students that a threat of violence was anticipated at two unnamed district secondary schools.

“Together, our organizations worked swiftly to investigate the allegations to assess whether intervention of stricter measures would be required. The investigation determined that there was no viable threat against the safety and well-being of staff and students.”

The district did not mention specifically what the situation was, but called it an “isolated occurrence.”

As per school district practice, the threat assessment protocols are initiated whenever safety is at risk. Threat assessment protocols require the involvement of the RCMP at all times and is a necessary precaution in the event that criminal or violent activity is indicated.

The school district and the RCMP is assuring all school communities and the public that at no time was the safety of staff, students, families and the community at risk and that “the situation never elevated to the point of aggression.”

It’s thanking all students for coming forward with their concerns as is to be expected of all responsible citizens.