Courtenay has adopted a bylaw that will help manage the maintenance of infrastructure large and small, including roads, utilities, and facilities.

The city is one of the first municipalities in Canada to introduce the bylaw and the very first in B.C.

Mayor Bob Wells says asset management has been a top strategic priority for council and staff for several years.

“We’re pretty proud of our progress on this,” said Wells. “We’ve moved steadily towards a proactive maintenance model, which we know is actually more cost-effective in the long run than costly and unexpected reactive repairs.

“It’s our responsibility to maintain these essential assets; our citizens depend on these services. Establishing this in a formal bylaw reflects how important this is, not only for our current residents but as our commitment to future generations as well, said Wells.

The bylaw means councils’ decisions on the renewal, upgrade, and acquisition of the city’s assets must include the full cost throughout the expected lifespan of the asset.

The city says it has also been selected to participate in a national pilot project that will help strengthen its resilience to the effects of climate change through the Municipal Natural Asset Initiative (MNAI).

Courtenay is using the pilot to develop an action plan for flood mitigation in the downtown core through a combination of natural assets and the built environment.

To learn more about the new bylaw visit the City of Courtenay’s website.