A notice posted March 2, 2015 on the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) website indicates that Compliance Coal Corporation (Compliance) has withdrawn it’s Raven Coal Mine Project from the EAO screening/evaluation process.

March 2nd was the last day of the 30-day legislated period for conducting an evaluation of the completeness of Compliance’s Application for Environmental Certificate (Application). Over the past several weeks as part of the evaluation process, the EAO Working Group had been tasked with evaluating the Application and had submitted it’s comments to the EAO on their evaluation.

Compliance’s initial Raven Coal Mine Application was rejected by the EAO on May 16, 2013 and this latest Application was intended to address the deficiencies in the initial Application.

“My guess is after getting feedback from the Working Group members, the EAO advised Compliance there were still significant issues/deficiencies that the EAO had identified with their Application and Compliance decided to withdraw their Application at the 11th hour.” said John Snyder, president of CoalWatch Comox Valley Society. “In my view, these two failed attempts at getting an Application through to the next review stage, raises serious questions about Compliance’s competency.”

“I suppose that after addressing the issues raised by the EAO, Compliance may wish to resubmit another Application.” added Snyder. “ However, they’ll still be facing the fact that there’s no social license for their project, and the reality of moving this ill-advised project forward faces an ever increasing headwind.”

“ Finally, I’d like to acknowledge all of the people who have voiced their concerns and opposition to this massive coal mine project over the past 5+ years. From writing letters, going to rally’s, supporting our CoalWatch fundraising dinners, and placing lawn signs, please know that your efforts have made a difference.”

(COALWATCH Comox Valley)