The company behind the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project near Buckley Bay south of Courtenay, Compliance Coal Corporation, has withdrawn the project from the BC Environmental Assessment Office screening and evaluation process.

The move comes just before the EAO was set to announce whether the application would advance to final environmental review.

Compliance’s original mine application was rejected in May 2013, when the EAO determined it was missing hundreds of pages of required information.

Compliance came back to the table with a revamped proposal on January 30th of this year, and Monday marked the end of the 30-day screening period on whether the application was ready to undergo a more comprehensive final review.

Torrance Coste is a Vancouver Island spokesperson with the Wilderness Committee and says he is pleased with the decision, adding the next move is totally up to the company…

Goat News also spoke to John Snyder of Coalwatch Comox Valley, a group keeping tabs on Raven Coal since day one…

Meanwhile in an email released by the Wilderness Committee and Coalwatch Comox Valley, the President of Compliance Coal Corporation, Steve Ellis, tells Doug Caul, Associate Deputy Minister of the Environment, that misinformation circulating in some communities on the Raven Project led to the company pulling out of the screening process for now.