Local graphic designer Laura Prpich is sharing her knowledge with students at North Island College’s Interactive Media-Communication Design diploma.

Prpich is an internationally respected designer who returned to the NIC classroom this fall.

She has many accolades under her belt including a JUNO Awards judge and global lecturer. She is also the founder and owner of the Courtenay-based design studio Caribou Creative.

Prpich says her experiences around the world have helped her teach in the classroom.

“NIC is lucky to have such a diverse group of people coming through their doors, and I suppose the takeaway from my time overseas would be how important it is to gain perspective from your students, learn about where they come from and help them use those life experiences to propel their design careers,” she said.

Department chair for NIC’s interactive media programs, Megan Wilson says Prpich adds a lot of insight for students attending the program.

“As an instructor who’s also been recognized by peers from across the world, the insight she brings into the classroom is extraordinary,” said Wilson.

To learn more about the course, visit NIC’s website.