With Christmas just around the corner, there’s only a small chance Vancouver Island residents could see snow for the holidays.

Environment Canada meteorologist Matt MacDonald says the chance of a white Christmas this year is low but higher than in previous years.

“Historically there’s about a 10-15 percent chance of getting a white Christmas if we look at all the previous years. I say this year we could bump that up to maybe a 30 percent chance of a white Christmas. I think we may see some flakes falling from the sky on Christmas eve, it’s just whether or not those will be able to accumulate. I think the ground might just be too warm and wet for any snow but we will see,” said Mcdonald.

He added that instead of snow, we will likely see the usual rain with some colder temperatures.

“As we get into Christmas eve we’ve got this disturbance coming out of the northwest and you’ll notice the temperatures dropping quite a bit, only heading for a high of four degrees and then the night before Christmas is where we will drop.”

The only chance Vancouver Island residents could see any of the white stuff will be during the overnight hours on Christmas eve and Christmas day.