The MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre is hoping you can help finish its new eagle enclosure.

It’s currently in the process of building the 120 foot by 40 foot structure but it could use a few helping hands.

President Warren Warttig says it needs volunteers to fill the gaps when BP2 Construction is not working.

“They’re looking after the main structure and they’re the ones working with the cranes and the high powered stuff and were trying to fill in to keep the cost down for the flight cage, says Warttig.

He added that there is a wide variety of tasks that need to get done including painting and installing wire mesh and slats which can be done by anyone at any skill level.

Warttig says the help from the community is much needed.

“It’s extremely important. We’ve got a limited budget in which we have to work with and to expand to meet the various demands for wildlife care it takes money and when you have people donate materials and especially their time that really cuts the cost overall.”

“We had all of the foundation done a couple of years ago and Cumberland Ready Mix donated the vast majority of the concrete for that. When we got 150,000 for the donation plus the 20,00 that we had saved up it’s pretty close to being able to pay for it.

The volunteer work party will take place on January 4th and 5th from 10:00am to 4:00pm at its location on Williams Beach Road.

If you’re interested in helping out, call Warren Warttig at 250-926-0001.