Claire Trevena is thanking the Mayors’ Council and the Translink Working Group.

This comes after the council endorsed an inter-municipal business licence (IMBL) for ride-hailing services.

The B.C. Transportation Minister and North Island MLA says the framework will streamline the business licence application process, removing a patchwork system across the Lower Mainland.

It will also allow for pickup and drop-off between participating municipalities.

“This will make it simple for Region 1 and Metro Vancouver municipalities to issue business licences to ride-hailing companies,” Trevena says.

On Thursday, she shared that the government is working with ICBC and the taxi industry to create a new insurance product for taxi drivers.

It will be based on the per-kilometre distance travelled and will be more affordable for the industry overall.

Trevena adds that the Independent Passenger Transportation Board is responsible for supply caps.

“The board has confirmed that it will monitor ride-hailing performance data and has stated that, as information becomes available, fleet size may be reassessed.”

The government is continuing its work to support accessible transportation options.

Currently, there is a 30-cents-per-trip fee being charged on ride-hailing services.

Work to ensure the system prioritizes safety and is fair for ride-hailing, the taxi industry and all road users is currently underway.