The Comox Valley Child Development Association needs your vote.

Shaw Spotlight has partnered up with charities across the country for a competition to build the most creative snowman. 

The CVCDA was selected locally and is the only organization representing the valley. 

Now, the association is asking for your votes, which will decide the top three most popular entries. 

The association is vying to be the winner of one of three cash donations that are up for grabs. 

You can vote on Instagram or Twitter

If you have either of these accounts, you can vote on one or both (for a total of two votes, one per account). 

When you vote, you also have the opportunity to win one of six Spotlight swag prize packs (value of $120). 

The voting is already underway and ends on Feb. 29.  To vote for the association click here.

If the association wins this money, it would go towards its current project of completing and enhancing its outdoor play space. 

The plans are to build on its existing space and evolve it into a natural playground.

The CVCDA says this will be a space designed to make use of existing topography and natural materials and create an open-ended outdoor play area for children to make discoveries and interact with their environment.

The association adds that a natural playground will allow kids to further develop many important skills and, unlike traditional plastic style playgrounds, they can be more welcoming for children with diverse abilities. 

The context of this new play space would provide an additional resource for its child development professionals for achieving the goals of each of their various clients by encouraging imaginative play, improving social skills and aiding in the development of motor skills.

The CVCDA says the design of the natural playground will involve bringing nature to the children’s daily outdoor play and learning environment.

The association plans to incorporate the surrounding landscape and vegetation including boulders, logs and a water feature. 

It also plans to apply the loose parts play concept providing the opportunity for more kinds of play than occurs with standard play equipment.

These playground accessories could consist of both natural and created materials such as rock piles, leaves, tires, sand and can take on the form of whatever is imagined.