Cumberland is moving ahead with work on its new fire hall.

At the village council meeting last night, council approved two contracts worth just shy of $1 million total.

The first is a contract for civil services including excavation, backfill, site prep and utility servicing which will be led by David Stalker Excavation Ltd for a cost of $565,837.

The other is for more of the mechanical systems including plumbing, HVAC & fire suppression systems, for $410,151.

There are many other smaller projects for the hall as well but the village must give approval for tenders over the $200,000 mark.

A report presented by the village’s Manager of Operations, Rob Crisfield, says the upgrades are on track to not exceed the budget. It also highlighted that there may be some opportunities to lower the overall cost as it moves ahead.

The new fire hall is funded through a 20-year borrowing agreement and is expected to cost $4.2 million. It’s estimated that a $142 per year tax increase on Cumberland’s average-priced home ($431,847) will be a result of the project.

To learn more and to see updates on the new fire hall, visit the Village of Cumberland’s website.